precision life: A Success Story in Medical Equipment Advertising

precision life is a medical equipment importer and distributor. The company approached ANGA, an online marketing agency, to help increase their LINE followers and conversions, and reduce advertising costs. ANGA first analyzed Precision Life’s target audience. They found that the target audience was medical professionals looking for information about medical equipment. They were also interested in learning about the latest trends in medical technology.

Increasing Quality Leads and Conversions with Google Ads

Businesses selling medical equipment are subject to many restrictions when advertising, which makes online marketing and advertising for this type of business challenging. As a result, advertisers must be highly skilled, experienced, and strategic to achieve the desired results.

ANGA has a team of experts in Google Ads advertising. We can develop sophisticated strategies that meet the needs of our clients. In the case of Precision Life, we were able to increase the number of LINE followers and gain more conversions through advertising, all the while reducing advertising costs.


Followers on LINE
increased by 63.17%


Conversions by advertisements
increased by 91.07%


Cost per conversion
decreased by 45.41%

Precision Life’s Client Brief

Precision Life highlighted the following objectives to ANGA:

ANGA’s Approach to Precision Life’s Objectives

In the beginning, the client already had a website. We, therefore, recommended that the client improve the landing page and do Google Ads advertising with accurate keywords from detailed analysis by experts to find quality leads that the client wants and a large number of LINE followers.

Target Audience Analysis

An in-depth analysis was conducted on Precision Life’s products. This helped ANGA understand who the true target audience is, those who are interested in the product, and what kind of keywords they are likely to use to search for it. We then divide the advertising campaigns according to the type of keyword to make it easier to optimize them later.

Landing Page Optimization

Next, we analyzed the client’s landing page to see if it was ready for its target audience.  Recommendations for improvement were provided to help the client achieve the best results, such as adding the LINE button, adjusting the position of the call-to-action, or adding other elements as appropriate.

Optimize Ads

After we had published the advertising campaign, we performed regular monitoring and optimization of the ads (ad copy, keyword, or landing page), making adjustments as needed. For instance, we moved the budget to campaigns with better results, closed costly campaigns with low potential for returns, monitored incoming search terms, and used keywords that had high potential to become main keywords. To tie this all together, low-performing keywords were paused to trim the budget further.

Results from ANGA’s Services to Precision Life

As a result of our Google Ads campaigns and optimization efforts, we have seen a significant increase in qualified leads and an increase of 63.17% in LINE followers. The conversion rate has also increased by 51.96%, and the cost per conversion has decreased by 45.41%. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods and their ability to deliver real business results.

Partner With ANGA And Expand Your Business

ANGA is an online marketing agency that offers advertising services across all channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, CPAS Ads, and YouTube Ads. Other than our comprehensive SEO services, we also provide CPAS advertising services to boost your sales. We are ready to help your business grow and get the best return on investment. ANGA works with you as a partner and emphasizes honesty, clarity, and transparency at every step of the way!

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