Genius Gadgets: A Case Study on SEO and Advertising

Leading iPad accessory producer Genius gadgets wanted to bring their brand to the next level. Partnering with ANGA, a top online marketing agency, they combined strategic SEO and targeted Ads to achieve phenomenal results. More than just boosting brand awareness, this potent duo encouraged target customers to hit that buy button. Within a year, sales skyrocketed from tens of thousands to millions, with an astonishing ROI of 14 times.

Genius Gadgets: Results After Working With ANGA

IT gadgets are a popular product category, making them a competitive market for online marketing. People use IT gadgets for work, school, and entertainment, so there is a large potential audience for IT gadgets businesses.

Genius Gadgets is a leading iPad accessory brand in Thailand. They sell a variety of accessories to help iPad users get the most out of their devices. To reach their target audience, Genius Gadgets partnered with ANGA, a leading online marketing agency.


ROI value increase
within 1 Year


A spike in sales
within 3 months

1M +

An increase in sales
from 10k to 1M+

Genius Gadgets’ Client Brief

Genius Gadgets’s goal was the following: “to create awareness for their products and encourage people to make a purchase.” ANGA tackled this by implementing a full-funnel marketing strategy. This gave us a wide reach to the target audience, which came from both organic search and paid media. A lead generation strategy was implemented soon after, which combined SEO with various advertisement campaigns. These included  Facebook Ads, Google Search Ads, Google Display Networks, YouTube ads, Shopee ads, Shopee CPAS, and KOL marketing. The result was a business with high-quality leads.

Differences Delivered: Results from ANGA’s Work

After a year of working with Genius Gadgets, ANGA helped them increase sales from tens of thousands to millions. The result was a 14x increase in ROI. The client’s trust in ANGA’s marketing expertise, coupled with their shared vision led to a rapid growth in online marketing.

This was accomplished through the collaboration of ANGA’s SEO specialist team, which focuses on organic search, and its Paid Media. The SEO team worked to improve the client’s website’s visibility in search results, while the Paid Media team created targeted campaigns that reached the right people at the right time. Both teams worked together to monitor results and make adjustments as needed, such as to keep up with changes in algorithms.

ANGA’s Approach to Working With Businesses

ANGA collaboratively works with businesses. We are not just a marketing agency, but also your business consultant and partner, finding strategies that are both cost-efficient and highly effective. We help you level the playing field by analyzing your competitors and researching data to ensure that our methods hit your desired KPIs.

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