SEO Work for Thantakit Clinic: A Dental Center

In just 6 months, Tandantakit Dental Center, a dental clinic, saw their website traffic soar by 72% thanks to ANGA’s SEO services. This organic traffic boost didn’t just bring more visitors, it also enhanced the website’s credibility and improved the overall brand image, leading to sustained growth in their business.

Results for SEO Work on Thantakit Clinic

Like all projects by ANGA, the first step on the road to SEO optimization is a thoroughly planned keyword research, which involves, understanding your business inside-out so we can craft a strategy that drives targeted traffic and real business results. As an SEO performance team, our goal is to find the right keywords that will create sustainable growth for your business.


Organic Traffic increased
within 6 months


Target audience visits to website
Within 6 months

ทำการตลาดสำหรับธุรกิจ B2B

Business contacts increased
Within 6 months

Client Briefs

Thantakit Clinic enlisted ANGA to help its website achieve the following metrics:

The client’s request was challenging because they wanted keywords that would attract clients looking for dental information and also immediately close sales. They wanted keywords that would convince clients to book services on Thantakit Clinic’s website while also building the clinic’s trust and credibility. 

The competition for SEO in an industry like dental care is quite fierce, meaning the ANGA team had to develop a thorough strategy. We started from keyword planning and based our goals on the principle of search intent, while also placing a special emphasis on technical audits of the clinic to align it with Google’s SEO principles.

Results obtained from our services

In addition to dividing keywords by target audience, our team also plans keywords to cover all of our customers’ businesses and distribute them throughout the website to increase organic traffic even more. Another important factor that affects SEO is clear keyword research planning. The main principle of ANGA’s keyword selection is based on the strategy of dividing keywords by the interests (intent) of the target audience or Google users, as follows:

By understanding the search intents of each keyword, ANGA can create content that is relevant and useful to users. This helps to improve rankings and attract more organic traffic to websites.

ANGA’s Approach to Thantakit Clinic’s Business

The first thing ANGA did since the first onboarding was to analyze the competitors in the same business category who were ranked on the first page of Google to plan for keyword research to compete with competitors.
In terms of content creation, our team of  SEO content writers are specialized in writing SEO articles. This team creates SEO blogs and link-building or backlinks to help build performance alongside technical work related to SEO based on Google algorithms for 6 months. The result? Organic traffic to Thantakit Clinic’s website increased by more than 250%.

Informational Intent

Navigation Intent

Commercial Intent

Transactional Intent

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