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Adapting to Create New Search Experiences

ANGA has offered SGE (Search Generative Experience) services that have created outstanding results for our clients. To adapt businesses to the new search experience being shaped by Generative AI, here are ANGA’s insights and techniques for optimizing websites and creating resources to support Generative AI in addition to traditional SEO and Google Search Ads.

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With a professional SEO team that adapts businesses to changes on Google’s search pages, ANGA’s experts have proven their ability, which includes Google Search Marketing award-winning services. ANGA is ready to help your business get mentioned correctly and appropriately through the Search Generative Experience.


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SGE Services to Increase Business Opportunities Through Accurate Information

The future of search is conversational, powered by Google’s cutting-edge Search Generative Experience (SGE). Imagine your business seamlessly integrated into AI-driven dialogues, instead of just static search results. But unlike the more familiar SEO landscape, SGE demands more than website optimization.

Think of SGE as a sophisticated conversation partner, weaving information from diverse sources: your website, online mentions, trusted publishers, and even user search behavior. To be part of this dynamic dance, your business needs to broaden its digital footprint.

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Accessing the User Experiences of a New Customer Base

The digital marketing landscape isn’t just about SEO anymore. To truly thrive in the evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses must embrace the burgeoning potential of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). This innovative platform represents a seismic shift in user experience, transforming traditional search queries into dynamic, conversational exchanges.

Unlike conventional SEO and SEM, which primarily prioritize website visibility, SGE delves deeper, prioritizing brand awareness and proactive engagement. Through sophisticated AI algorithms, Google surfaces information not solely based on keyword optimization, but rather on a holistic understanding of user intent and search context. This creates a unique opportunity for businesses to proactively enter the conversation and establish themselves as trusted voices before a search even begins.

Increase website traffic

Tap into the user experience of a new customer base

Take your business to the leading edge through the use of Search Generative Experience. This AI-powered algorithm uses Google to search for its information. 2023 and onwards is an exciting time for marketers everywhere. Combining the reach of Generative AI, Search Generative Experience is a new field in marketing that differs entirely from SEO and SEM.
The different formats used by SGE are an opportunity for websites to reach out to a new consumer base in a way that they haven’t before. This is because Google users are noted to key in conversational queries, much in the same way that a person chats with someone through direct messages.

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Measuring Google SGE Results

Google SGE results can be measured using the same metrics as SEO, but SGEs usually lead to fewer clicks to your website. Despite this, SGE can lead to the closing of sales in both direct and indirect ways. While data collection tools like Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console can’t measure Google SGE successes at this time, we need to measure the results of SGE campaigns with various indicators currently available to us, which are:

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    Organic Traffic

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    Page Speed

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    Keyword Ranking

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    Organic Conversions

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    SERP Visibility

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    Sessions & Users

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    Click-through Rate

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    Average Session Duration

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    Site & URLs Impressions

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ANGA is one of the few SEO agencies that delivers fast, goal-oriented results for our clients. Our team was built by digital natives, constantly immersed in the latest marketing trends and algorithm updates. With Google evolving constantly, you can rely on ANGA’s agile expertise to strategize and adapt. As a Google SGE agency, we believe that It’s not just about being mentioned by your media – it’s about being mentioned right. Let ANGA guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of Google, ensuring your brand shines with accuracy, trust, and tangible business growth.

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Essential Google SGE Strategies from ANGA

Discover User Behavior Insights

Studying your consumers’ behavior is important. Consider the following questions while you do so. What are the search characteristics on Google? Are they keywords (search words) or do they take the form of conversations (Conversations)? These are just some of the things you’ll encounter while using generative AI.

Adapt Your Onsite Content

Adapt the content on your website so that Google can get a good idea about your products, services, and expertise. From ANGA’s experiences with SGE, we’ve found that it summarizes some but not all content on our website. The key to getting Google to trust your website’s content is to continuously optimize it to stay ahead of Google’s algorithms.

Build Your Business Identity With Accurate Information

The one crucial factor that businesses cannot provide to Google as easily is reputation: this is key to getting Google to trust your site. Our suggestion? Use references from high-quality websites that Google already trusts to get the SGE. This is like creating backlinks in different strategies.

Perform Technical Audits To Keep Your Website High-Quality

The Google Search Generative Experience depends upon your website’s quality. If Google recommends a business with SEO-related issues or more, it will be difficult for it to display the website. Implementing strategies based on the Best Practices of the Google Search Algorithm is just as important as the content on your website, as this will affect whether or not Google’s web crawler will interact with and index your website.

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What Clients Say?

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PACHSOFA (E-commerce)

I have been working with the team at ANGA since 2021 and have been consistently impressed with their level of expertise and dedication to our success. From the initial consultation to the ongoing support, the team has been proactive and reliable, providing valuable insights and guidance to help us reach our marketing goals.

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As a Public Company’s Marketing Director, I was hesitant to invest in digital marketing services. But after working with ANGA team, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. The team at ANGA took the time to understand our needs and developed a customized strategy that delivered amazing results.

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I have worked with several digital marketing agencies in the past, but none have compared to the level of service and expertise offered by ANGA. From SEO to lead generation, the team at ANGA has helped our business succeed online. I couldn’t be happier with the partnership.

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Logistics Business

The team provided excellent assistance, resulting in increased sales through Facebook channels. The outcomes were highly satisfactory, reflecting their professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value.

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Suwimon Pandee

I had the opportunity to hire ANGA as an SEO consultant, and I was extremely impressed. The team constantly provided insightful information, kept up with ongoing projects, and offered innovative suggestions to improve our SEO. They did an excellent job, and their service was outstanding.

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Nutchaya Praweenmet

ANGA has been incredibly helpful to us in the SEO department, providing straightforward guidance and pinpointing areas for improvement. Their suggestions have had tangible results, and they consistently send us reports that give us a clear overview of the team’s ongoing efforts. We are deeply impressed with the level of service provided here.

icon-star icon-star icon-star icon-star icon-star
Natchaphak tangtheintong

Thank you, ANGA, for understanding customers so well, grasping the industry, and proposing strategies that precisely cater to service demands, whether it’s for SEO or SEM. Especially, Mr. Thanabut (Grip), your prompt and agile actions are highly commendable.

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Sale Manager
Mercedes Benz

Understanding target audience insights and a brand’s products and services is quite challenging. Although agencies usually struggle with this, ANGA demonstrates their knowledge of our brand by consistently delivering outstanding results.

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