SEO Results for bTaskee: An Online Housekeeping Service

bTaskee is a popular online housekeeping service meant to handle the particulars of modern life. As a new entrant to the Thai market, bTaskee needs to raise brand awareness and drive its app downloads to compete with local players in the market. Through ANGA’s SEO services, bTaskee saw an increase in website clicks from 31 to 30,000 and a spike in impressions from 1,600 to 778,000 within 6 months. Read on and find out how it happened.

Results from ANGA’s SEO Services

ANGA’s approach to search engine optimization is to ensure that the overall website is as SEO-friendly as possible. We have a team of experts in both SEO content creation and technical development. Our SEO content creators work to create strong content that is relevant to the target audience and ranks well on search engines. Our technical team helps improve Core Web Vitals, which are important factors for SEO.

ANGA also has a team of SEO specialists who analyze and select the right keywords for each business. We don’t just focus on ranking for keywords, but on choosing keywords that will help our clients’ businesses. Our performance-driven SEO team has a proven track record of success, as evidenced by our work with bTaskee.


Impression count increased
Within 6 months


Target group reaches more website
Within 6 months

1M +

Increase in clicks
Within 6 months

Client Briefs

bTaskee is a fresh face in the Thai housekeeping market, meaning building brand awareness and app downloads was crucial to compete with established players. Our client’s goal? More eyes on the brand, more fingers on the download button. The ANGA team crafted a strategic SEO plan for their website, aiming to boost organic traffic and create lasting brand recognition (aka, “brand awareness”). This strategy not only laid the groundwork for online success but also provided a springboard for future marketing efforts across different channels.

ANGA’s Approach to Businesses

Beyond crafting powerful content with our SEO-savvy content creators and conducting thorough technical audits, ANGA specializes in taking websites with little to no SEO history and transforming them into search engine magnets. We understand Google’s language and tailor our strategies accordingly. This dedication shows in the results: within just six months, website clicks soared from 31 to 30,000, and impressions skyrocketed from 1,600 to 778,000! Google wants clear, optimized websites, and ANGA delivers.

Built Brand Awareness Through Keyword Research

At the start of the project, our team conducted a comprehensive keyword research initiative. This analysis identified high-volume search terms, such as “daily housekeeping services” and “professional curtain cleaning,” which were selected due to their relevance to the client’s business and high potential to generate brand awareness. We also collaborated with our SEO-specialized content creators to develop informative and SEO-friendly content, laying the groundwork for successful online visibility.

Build Website Quality

First, we gave the website a thorough technical audit. This involved analyzing its Core Web Vitals, which are essentially website health metrics that directly influence SEO. The initial scores were on the lower side, so we implemented optimizations to boost them significantly. Mobile-friendliness was another key focus area, as most of the customer’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Unfortunately, the website lacked a mobile version, leading to a high bounce rate, which can hurt SEO. We addressed this by creating a responsive mobile-friendly design, ensuring a seamless user experience for all visitors, no matter their device.

bTaskee: Results from ANGA’s Services

ANGA worked closely with BTaskee and was able to achieve significant changes in the first three months. Out of the 40 keywords that needed ranking, ANGA brought 23 that had never ranked up before, which is backed by results from Google Search Console. Within 6 months, the number of clicks on the website has increased from 31 to 30,000, and the number of impressions has increased from 1,600 to 778,000.

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