SEO and Lead Generation for “HumanSoft”

HumanSoft is a payroll and human resource management (HRM) solution for SMEs. Designed to help businesses manage their employees, it comes with a comprehensive set of features that are easy to use, convenient, fast, and accurate. These features include:

• Calculating salaries in a single click

• Managing overtime pay

• Submitting and approving documents online

• Recording work hours

• HumanSoft is also a secure cloud-based solution that protects your data from leaks.

Results After SEO

After working with ANGA, HumanSoft saw a 200% increase in their leads. This means that the number of people who registered for the program increased from 1,000 per month to 2,000 per month. Their conversion rates also increased by 124%, which led to an increase in sales. Furthermore, HumanSoft’s advertising costs decreased by 55%.


Conversion Rate increased


The lead increased
more than double per month.


Advertising expenses
have decreased.

Lead Generation Results

HumanSoft was able to achieve its results by implementing a variety of lead-generation strategies, which include:

“The results of SEO were also impressive. ANGA increased the visibility of our website by 1,500%, and the number of website visitors by over 10 times within just one year. Not only that but within the first 6 months, the number of keywords that ranked on the website increased by 7 times!”

Challenges Faced by ANGA

HumanSoft’s brief to ANGA was one of our most challenging yet. With a highly competitive market and companies aiming for the top spot, SEO and lead generation weren’t going to be enough. 

The first lead generation brief was to “generate as many leads as possible within the specified budget.” The second brief was to “generate at least 20 leads per day.” The SEO brief was to “rank the desired keywords, both old and new.”

How Does ANGA Work?

The ANGA team believes in communication and will advise our clients in all areas, including creative strategies, key message analysis, and website improvement recommendations to make websites more accessible to target audiences. When the ANGA team finds areas in which our clients can potentially improve, we work closely with them to achieve their desired results.

Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is a fundamental step we will start with. This makes sure that a wide range of target audiences are aware of HumanSoft’s brand. This is done by conducting keyword research that focuses on high-search volume keywords that are relevant to HumanSoft’s industry. Once this is done, ANGA’s SEO content creators create ad copies that appeal to target audiences to generate CTR (click-through rate) for the website. The data collected will be analyzed to determine which keywords and campaigns attract the most customers.

Improving Website Quality

We found that the client’s website was not user-friendly for mobile users, and the registration form was too complex and difficult to understand. The ANGA team recommended that the client make their mobile-friendly and more user-friendly. We tested the website to see the results. After the client made the recommended improvements, ANGA discovered that conversion rates had increased and were likely to continue to increase each month.

Finding the Right Creative Key Message

In the first phase, the client ran the campaign according to the original plan for about 1-2 months. The results were not as expected. ANGA continued to optimize the campaign and find ways to create more interesting creative key messages. Finally, a key message was found that could capture the hearts of customers.

Improving Website Credibility

While auditing our client’s website, ANGA found that there were some technical issues (the primary reason why their keywords were not ranking). These issues were fixed to further improve the website. On-site and off-site optimization was implemented to improve the website’s performance and credibility. This led to HumanSoft’s website getting ranked higher.

Results from Lead Generation

After entrusting ANGA to handle lead generation using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the client now has more leads than before. Additionally, the leads that increased are high-quality ones, which Humanoft needs. This has led to a significant increase in sales, which is likely to continue to grow. The results?

SEO Results

The client’s original SEO problem was that they had written many articles but no keywords were ranking on Google. The client wanted ANGA to help improve their website and make their keywords or website rank well on Google. The ANGA team was able to achieve this as the client wanted and even exceeded expectations. Many keywords were ranking, which resulted in a surge in traffic.

ANGA: More than Just a Marketing Agency 

At first glance, you might get the impression that ANGA is just another marketing agency that will work with you and then move on to the next client. However, ANGA’s philosophy goes beyond that. Whether it’s business analysis, competitor analysis, or strategy development, the ANGA team will be your consultant to help your business get what it needs! By working with ANGA, we guarantee that you will get results beyond your expectations!

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